Dr. Joëlle Hafsi
Director Development & Membership

Research Associate at HEC and Case Writer

Joëlle Hafsi has been a research associate for the past 15 years at the École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) in Montreal. She has specialized in Business Policy and Leadership case writing, and occasionally does case translation.

She has taught Spanish as a second language in high schools in France and Algeria and basic skills to first-year students at the University of Oran in Algeria.

She earned Bachelor and Master degrees from the Sorbonne in Paris and her Ph.D. from Boston University in Boston. She has presented different aspects of her work as a case writer at WACRA conferences since 1991.

In June 1994, WACRA held its annual conference at HEC in Montreal and she was part of the organizing committee attracting a large and bilingual membership from various fields. More recently, she was appointed to the WACRA® Executive Board as Director for Development and Membership.

She has published numerous cases in Business Policy and Leadership (Les Éditions de cas HEC). In 1992, she assisted Professor Marcel Côté from HEC to edit cases selected for his book titled La gestion stratégique d'entreprise CONCEPTS ET CAS. And in 1996, she wrote Les Coopérants - Le rêve inachevé d'un leadership démocratique, a book about an insurance company.

She has conducted workshops on case writing at HEC and elsewhere and is currently preparing cases in Business Policy and Leadership for the field of Education.