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  • Encourage research using the case method.
  • Coordinate case writing and case application activities.
  • Encourage cooperation between the public sector, the business community, and other case-oriented professions.
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The International Journal of Case Research & Application – IJCRA - is the official publication of WACRA® and as such aims to publish high-quality original manuscripts that (1) extend and disseminate the scholarship of case method research worldwide and (2) capture innovation and creativity in learning through interactive teaching methods globally. To make available the published work of IJCRA authors to case writers, teachers, researchers and scholars world-wide, the WACRA® Board has decided, at the end of each year, to move four quarterly issues of IJCRA into the public domain.

Por medio de esta iniciativa, el Consejo de WACRA desea facilitar la investigación y aplicación en la enseñanza utilizando el método de casos y otros enfoques interactivos, asistiendo a los profesores, especialmente a los juniors, en su redacción y actividades interactivas de enseñanza, y proporcionar una más amplia e internacional exposición de las publicaciones de los que contribuyen al International Journal of Case Method Research & Application IJCRA. El traspasar a domino público selectos volúmenes de IJCRA alentará un uso más amplio de las metodologías del método de caso e interactivas. El reservar los actuales números solamente a miembros activos de WACRA animará al crecimiento de las membresías.

'The Art and Craft of Case Writing', 2nd Edition
by William Naumes and Margaret J. Naumes has been published by M.E. Sharpe, Armonk, New York, London, England. To order a copy at the special WACRA member price click here.  A review of the book has been published in issue 2/2006 of IJCRA - The International Journal of Case Method Research & Application.

Writing & Presentation Tips
What’s a Good Case?

A case is the fundamental building block of the experiential learning process that is embodied in the case method. It offers “decision-making calisthenics.” It is a well told story that should capture the richness of a decision-making experience in enough detail to create a proxy for experience for students and to drive challenging individual study and small and full-class discussions. In this way, it becomes a catalyst for developing critical thinking skills.

CDI Case Development Institute
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Dear WACRA members and Case Method Aficionados

We have weighed the options and alternatives very carefully and have reached the conclusion that we have to adjust to

Life after WACRA!

WACRA, The World Association for Case Method Research & Application was created in 1984 In London, UK and incorporated in Boston, Massachusetts in 1989 to

organize forums, public discussions, lectures and conferences to advance the use of the case method in teaching at all levels, to promote research in the case method and possible applications of the case method in different fields, to provide encouragement for further developments and applications, and to the extent possible, provide support for research through scholarships and stipends.

The WACRA journey went around the world with conferences in London, UK;  Leysin and Luzern, Switzerland; Enschede and Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Boston, Sedona, USA;  San Juan, Puerto Rico; Berlin, Munich and Cologne, Germany; Limerick and Dublin, Ireland; Bratislava, Slovakia; Vienna and Graz, Austria; Montreal and Vancouver, Canada; Warsaw, Poland; Edinburgh, Scotland; Bordeaux, Marseille and Paris, France; Caceres, Seville, Barcelona, Spain; Odense, Denmark;
Malmö ( Skǻne), Stockholm, Sweden; Istanbul, Turkey; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Brno, Czech Republic; Brisbane, Australia; Guadalajara, Mexico; Barranquilla, Colombia; Casablanca, Morocco; Lima, Peru; Lisbon, Portugal; Bolzano, Luca and Rome, Italy; Helsinki, Finland.

Over the years, around the world, case method teaching applications,  case teaching, case writing and case research across disciplines and professions have increased at an astonishing rate and are testimony to WACRA’s success.

Covid 19 forced the cancellation of the WACRA summer conference in Florence, Italy. In early 2020, the expectation was that, after Covid 19, life eventually would regain some normalcy. Well, the ‘new normal’ is very different from what was hoped for.

Lack of funding resources - the continued threat of Covid 19 infections – the falling out of favor of person to person meetings, the hall mark of WACRA conferences - the drastic reduction in WACRA memberships - the cutback in institutional funding for international conferences and other developments have rendered the WACRA business model obsolete. Furthermore, all WACRA Board members who sustained the organization and offered their support on a pro bono basis, have or are retiring and no successors, willing to work pro bono, are available.

The WACRA Board prepared and sent to the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a Petition for Administrative Dissolution.

WACRA members have travelled the world together, advanced the goals that were established at the outset of the journey, learned with and from each other, explored new horizons, forged teaching and research partnerships, met beautiful colleagues, built bridges and fostered understanding and appreciation across cultures.

Thank you to all for having participated.

Best wishes.

Hans Klein, Denise Smith,
Stan Stanczewski


PS Please send queries and comments to wacra@rcn.com.

If you plan to visit Florence and Tuscany on your own, you will find relevant information and tips in the ‘Spring 2020 WACRA NEWSletter’ at www.wacra.org.

To stay in touch with fellow WACRA world travelers, send your up-dates to wacra@rcn.com for the annual ‘year-end greetings’ and news up-date.

Photo Gallery
33rd WACRA Conference at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and Post Conference Tour to Cusco and Machu Picchu.  View Conference Gallery   View Tour Gallery

Members on the Move
Click here to learn more about our members Emiliano Gonzalez, Natalia D. Strekalova, Suzanne H. Campbell, Patricia Ann Brock, Patti Chance, Audrey Cohen, Matthias Eggertsson, Ana Gil-Garcia, Emiliano Gonzalez, Walter Greene, Edward Jankovic, Gloria Guzman Johannessen, Irene Lange, Janice Nath, Sean O’Connor, and Alfonso Vargas!

International Journal of Case Method
Research & Application
The International Journal of Case Method Research & Application is an international, interdisciplinary forum for researchers, educators and professionals. IJCRA solicits and welcomes research across the entire range of topics encompassing the domain of case method research and application and interactive teaching methodologies. The Journal scope includes case writing, interactive teaching and learning, continuing and distance education, which cross national, cultural and disciplinary boundaries. IJCRA welcomes theoretical and empirical papers that advance social science research on teaching and learning.

IJCRA has special interest in research addressing important issues that transcend the boundaries of single academic disciplines and corporate managerial functions. Therefore, IJCRA welcomes interdisciplinary scholarship and commentaries that challenge the paradigms and assumptions of single disciplines or functions. IJCRA solicits and accepts manuscripts on teaching materials and methods. Experimental, developmental work (e.g., presentation of stages of development of a case study and reviews of books dealing with topics related to case writing, interactive, innovative teaching, continuing education, distance education) will also be considered.

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