Dr. B. Gloria Guzman Johannessen
Professor, Texas State University

Dr. B. Gloria Guzman Johannessen is Professor Emeritus from California State University Pomona and is currently professor at Texas State University. She earned her doctoral degree from the University of Washington; Education Specialist Degree and Master of Education from Seattle Pacific University; and Bachelor’s degree in Literature from the University of Puget Sound. Her academic background is on literacy, intercultural bilingual education, and sociolinguistics. The span of her professional work includes teaching (K-12 and university) administration at state and school district levels, and national and international consulting.

Her research focus is on sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, social justice, and faculty mentoring. The variety of her experiences in education in American and Latin American schools and her work with Indigenous and Creole-English bilingual programs in Latin America formed her vision that critical language, critical pedagogy, critical literacy, and world view form the foundation on which equitable education and social justice can stand and endure in a democratic society.
Contact Info:
Dr. Gloria Guzman Johannessen
Texas State University
1200 East Colton Ave
San Marcos, Texas 78666