Dr. Patricia Ann Brock
Consultant and Instructor-Mentor for
The Institute for Professional Self-efficacy (IPS)

Adapting to the new world workplace is a challenge for many people. How can professionals adapt their current skills or redirect their current careers to find more success and job satisfaction in this high-tech driven workplace of global demands? And, then, how do they market themselves?

Dr. Patricia Ann Brock has been invited to become a consultant and instructor-mentor for The Institute for Professional Self-efficacy (IPS) combining her skills and experiences to help guide individuals to discover and explore their own successful career paths. As a professional life coach and motivational speaker, she encourages career self-decision-making and self-confidence, integrating and improving communication technology skills as beneficial tools to success for non-traditional online and traditional on-ground career options.

If you are interested in more details, please contact Patricia at doc@patricabrock.com.

Contact Info:
Dr. Patricia Ann Brock
Institute for Professional Self-efficacy (IPS)
Office and On-site Training:
11 E. Cliff St.
Somerville, NJ 08876
Online Mentoring:
Skype: patricia.brock13
Email: doc@patriciabrock.com