Dr. Amelia J. Klein
Director Education

Education Consultant
Professor Emerita - Wheelock College


Dr. Klein's professional experiences are in the domains of Pedagogy (theoretical and international perspectives of teaching and learning). Her scholarly interests include: Child Development and Early Childhood Education, Principles of Adult Learning, Cross-Cultural Training, Interactive Teaching (e.g., Case Method), Anti-Racist Curriculum, and Dimensions of Diversity, Social Justice and Education Reform. Her publications reflect her research interests and practical experiences in public and private schools and institutions of higher education in the United States and Switzerland.

Dr. Klein is a former faculty member of the Professional Studies Department at Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts. She has organized and conducted international education seminars for leaders in higher education, particularly in Eastern and Central European countries. Dr. Klein worked as a consultant for Children's Resources International and the Soros Open Society Institute and led seminars in Hungary, Poland, Greece, Romania, Republic of Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Armenia. She was a facilitator for the Faculty Alliance Institute, a national education initiative in the United States funded by the Head Start Bureau.

In her role as a facilitator of specific conference events, she has developed workshops and led the annual Cross-National Teaching Forum and the Poverty Initiative along with WACRA colleagues. She has served as a guest co-editor for special editions of IJCRA, the International Journal of Case Method Research and Application.