Dr. Bengt Kjellén
WACRA Advisory Board

Assistant Professor in Business Administration
School of Business, Stockholm University


Bengt Kjellén is Assistant Professor in Business Administration at the School of Business, Stockholm University, since 1985 and Assistant Professor in Business Administration and Organization at the University of Trollhättan/Uddevalla since 2002, where he was Head of the Section for Studies in Business Administration and Business Law during the academic year 2002/03.

His research interests range from Cost-Benefit Analysis and Public Decision Making to Emotions in Organisations. He is currently studying the role of fear in organizational behaviour.

His interest in the case method for research and education goes back to his early days as research and teaching assistant at the School of Business in the middle of the 1970’s. In 1980, he published (together with Sten Söderman, now one of the Professors at the School) a short monograph on the epistemological and practical aspects of research cases, which became widely known and used in graduate and post-graduate education.

He was appointed to the Swedish National Case Method Centre when it was established at Stockholm University 1992-95, with special responsibility for the discipline of Business Administration. His first WACRA event was the conference in Bratislava.

He attended Jim Erskine´s and Mike Leenders’ course in case writing in 1993, and has been spreading the “KISS” principle (and other aspects of case writing and teaching) at numerous workshops at Swedish institutions of higher education ever since.

He currently resides in the small town of Lysekil on the West Coast of Sweden, together with his wife Marie, two teenage boys, a Scotch terrier and several musical instruments, predominantly guitars. The terrace of the house overlooks the only real fjord in Sweden (Gullmarsfjorden) and is an ideal place to enjoy fresh lobster and dry champagne.