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 Please make plans to join us in Austria for Act 4, January 3-5, 2001 and WACRA 2001 in Lund, Sweden, June 17-20, 2001.  See home page below.
     Feel free to copy and print photos that you like. If there are pictures that you want to add, please send them digitally, or by mail. They will be returned via SASE. If there is a picture that you do not like, just let us know and it will be  removed.
     The photos are divided into 3 albums which can be accessed by clicking on the hypertext addresses in the blue table below. This was done to speed-up the loading process. Please be patient... although the newer computers will have no problems, others may require up to five minutes to load each album. 
     If you have been to this site previously, the earlier pages may be in your cache and therefore you will need to "reload" or "refresh" to see the latest versions.  Best when viewed using 600x800 screen resolution or higher. If you have Windows 95 or Windows 98, you can right-click an individual image, select "view image" and see it full screen with much more detail. All images are low-compression JPG files which can easily be saved and viewed off-line.
We hope you enjoy these memories of a wonderful and worthwhile conference.
Nous espérons que vous appréciez ces mémoires d'une conférence merveilleuse et valable.
Esperamos que usted goce de estas memorias de una conferencia maravillosa y de mérito.
Wir hoffen, daß Sie diese Speicher einer wundervollen und lohnenden Konferenz genießen.
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